Inspection Solutions

AutoCopter® Inspection solutions carry BOTH Thermal video cameras w/ zoom and snapshot capability and HD color video camera w/ snapshot capability. Live video is streamed live to the ground control station.

  • Provide up-close visuals while recording data on the camera for future reference.
  • Look up, look straight ahead, or look down - recording data at the same time
  • Dramatic reduction in inspection costs
  • Live feed to ground control station - crews remain on the ground but can inspect in real time
  • Thermal imagery highlights temperature differences of structures with hotspots, cracks, or fault lines.
  • Replace full sized helicopters with AutoCopter® Inspector solutions
  • Maneuverability - get in close, hover in place, detect problems (insulator cracks, excess heat, corrosion and degradation of conductors and splices)
  • Quick deployment and easy to use
  • Inspect: Transmission Wire, Wind Turbines, Bridges, Buildings, Pipelines, Herds of Cattle, Horses and/or sheep, search and rescue
  • AutoCopter® began building UAV solutions in 2009
  • All units assembled and tested in North Carolina
  • Units flying in USA, Europe, Russia, Canada, and soon Australia