What is an autopilot?

  • Many systems will claim autopilot capabilities, this may mean a “return-to-home” safety feature, but full autopilot is a hands-off take-off and hands-off landing as well as flying to multiple waypoints.

What is waypoint autopilot?

  • A waypoint autopilot system always an operator to program and save scouting plans that the helicopter can fly.  There are different levels in which you could have 5 up to 200 waypoints.

Who is better at flying a UAV, a computer or person?

  • Computer (autopilot) – our system self-corrects hundreds of times per SECOND.

What is the AutoCopter® Advantage?

  • We sell only complete systems.

  • Our systems are robust made from aircraft quality aluminum and carbon fiber

  • Our solutions capture data and then process the data in the field!

  • Free training, experience, support as well.

  • No additional fees for upgrades

  • Nothing extra to purchase

What is NDVI?

  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, shows crop health

What is a Thermal Camera?

  • It will view and measure the temperature variation of living and inanimate objects

  • Temperature variation will highlight structure flaws, hot spots, etc.

How long has AutoCopter® been in business?

  • Since 2009


How long has AutoCopter® been in agriculture?

  • Since 2011

How do you process the images?

  • “Proprietary software solution, able to process images in the field”

What happens to my data collected during the flight?

  • You use your data

  • You control your data

  • It stays on your farm at all times

  • No one else has access to your data unless you want that to happen

Uses - Ag Solutions

  • Crop Health Monitoring

  • Weed & Pest Control

  • Disease Prevention

  • Drainage & Irrigation 

  • Application Optimization

  • Damage Assessment

  • Damage Documentation

Uses - Inspector Series

  • Wire Transmission Inspection

  • Wind Turbine Inspection

  • Cell Tower Inspection

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Construction Inspections

  • Livestock Monitoring